Myths and Truths about Wearing Eye Contact Lenses

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Like any modern invention, widely held, contact lenses can boast of a whole train of myths, rumors and contradictions about the dangers of using – from the plausible to the downright ridiculous. With the help of professional experts Journal understands the conditions under which contact lenses are facing some myths of their use. Some of the myths and truths  of contact lens are as follows:


Myths about the dangers of contact lenses and care for them:


Myth: Contact lens may Sunset behind the eyes, and it can not be pulled out.

Truth: There is no object, even as thin and flexible as modern contact lens can not “decline” of the eyeball, if only because the eye is inserted into the eye socket is free and there is no “loopholes.” If the eye is strongly rubbed with a lens through the eyelid, or improper lens shape wear, it can be displaced but still remains on the outer surface of the eyeball.


Myth: Contact lenses are constantly falling out and they need to look for on the floor.

Truth: Stories about falling lenses belong to the period of reign of the first generations of hard lenses, which, indeed, from time to time to leave their rightful place. Modern soft, especially silicone hydro gel lenses characterized by high flexibility and affinity with the fabric forming eyeball when properly selected and worn, they are, what they say, fit like a glove.


Myth: In a pinch, you can rinse the contact lens of ordinary drinking water, such as bottled.

Truth: It is unlikely that it is a good idea. Even the best quality drinking water and non-sterile, by definition, is not intended for the treatment of contact lenses. Together with microscopic water particles remaining on the lens in the eye may get unwanted “guests”, causing irritation, swelling, and inflammation. Also, minerals contained in the water even after a “soul” can settle on the lens and change its geometry.


Myth: If the container is lost from the lens, can be used instead of a jar of cream under the container from a film or something similar.

Truth: No way! Any step on packages containing non-removable walls in the home raid once filled her substance. Hit him in the eye with a particle surface of the lens will cause serious consequences.


Myth: There are some people whose eyes are too sensitive; they will never be able to wear contact lenses.

Truth: Wearing contact lenses is a question of desire and skills training. In fact, someone can pretty quickly to deal with the first difficulties and learn how to put on the lens’ with one hand, “someone it takes more time. But cases of inability to wear lenses for some physical causes are not known to science.


Myth: Contact lenses provoke eye infections.

Truth: Only in the case of non-compliance with the recommendations for the care and wear and frivolous attitude towards the need to visit an ophthalmologist.


Myth: Do not happen do not worry, if I wear lenses longer than the prescribed period. The quality of care is not changed, and you can save a good amount.

Truth: Because the lens is directly and very firmly in contact with the surface of the eye, any, even the slightest change in her condition poses a threat to the cornea. That is why self-renew the prescribed period of lenses can not be performed, it is calculated on the basis of experts properties of the material of construction of the lens it forms, moisture permeability. Follow precise observance of the prescribed period of wearing lenses to avoid harm to arise on their touch surface.


In a review of the lens occupy a significant part of reports of problems means putting colored contacts for brown eyes. That is what gave rise to an idea of the complexity of lens wear. Of course, we can not say that anyone can without any difficulty be placed on the corneal surface of the lens; it is equipped with errors often because damage to contact lenses and provoke a negative attitude towards them. But if you wish, willingness to learn, help and following the recommendation of an ophthalmologist putting lenses very quickly turn into an automatic procedure.

What is the Interior Design Project and Why it is Important

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Hesitating for repairs in your home interiors, each one of us as a result of seeking a house of our dreams fully meets our requirements both aesthetically and functionally.


To our expectations were justified, and not at variance with the end result, interior designers offer before repair work to create a design project of the future apartment. Some customers, overestimating its forces and construction crews are requested, such as: “You just draw a picture, and then we will take care”, “Tell me how it is possible, and then we will do”, “do not have to design the project, let’s just complete the interiors right away.” Perhaps consider that the development of interior design in this way is just a profound mistake: at times it can be difficult even for an experienced professional to plan work for future interiors and spaces. Therefore, the first step on the way to the interior of the dream is always the creation of a design project.


Why do I need Interior Design project?


Design project of the house is not only drawn a sketch of the future interior, but the whole package of documents, including various options for planning decisions of your home, drawings, 3d graphics and rendering facilities, and other important and interesting documents on the basis of which will continue carry out repair work. The presence of such a package of documents has a number of advantages for the customer.


Save Money: Firstly, well-composed project will allow you to plan your budget in the course of repair and an idea of the cost of all necessary work. In the end, thanks to the pre-planned design project, you can significantly save their banal funds.


Ready Visual Image: Secondly, you have the opportunity to see the interior of the apartment and its future to understand how well it fits your taste preferences. You may want to make it any changes that you think, can significantly transform your home. I agree that it is better to make all corrections before the repair work, and this can save not only your money, but also time.


Efficacy and Safety Repairs: And thirdly, experts provide you with the technical file, which includes a communications scheme, air conditioning and electrical supply apartments, as well as displaying various kinds of complex designs, zoning and redevelopment areas. This not only allows the repair work more efficiently, but also gives you the option of safe operation of the apartment after the repair it.


In addition to the standard development services, creating a design project is a complex process that can be divided into several stages design project, best interior design architects can help you in some aspects of the creation of the interior design for your house. Competent and honest business or specialist always honestly worked every ruble or offer you alternatives that will help to realize your plans and do not go beyond the agreed budget.

How to prepare your child for summer camp

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What is the charm of children’s camp? In nine years, the child is ready to become an independent, learn to take care of themselves, work in teams, communicate and solve problems. A couple of weeks without parental supervision is what the doctor ordered for the education of these traits. For the first time charges and without much mental preparation will not do, because neither you nor the child has such experience was not.

How long to stay in the academic summer camp? One shift (7 days) is enough. Over a longer period, the child gets tired of the rest both physically and mentally. After 12 years, child is able to withstand two shifts in a row, but will effectively divide their time and choose different camp. If this is the first trip, promise him that you will often come and call and keep promise. Only pre-specify in what time the relatives allowed into the territory and whether it is allowed.

Before choosing a health or sports camp, consult your doctor and school coach. Is there enough well your child is physically prepared, does not have any problems with the well-being?

The child must learn to relax and, in extreme cases, to entertain himself. Learn it will not be without you, of course, help. Show him funny group games (“Crocodile” (pantomime), “Contact”, “Who am I?”, “Mafia” and others), give the road some desktop entertainment.

When choosing clothes that decide to take in the children’s camp, do not be guided by fashion. This is not the place where you want to be the coolest. Let him learn to adapt to society, not by expensive things, and bringing their talents and easy character. Encourage your child to maintain themselves independently. He should be able to dress for the weather, brush your teeth, do their hygiene, to collect their belongings, neatly eat.

And most importantly, the child must respect the authority of the elders. Caregivers – no nanny, and a summer camp – not a kindergarten. Tinker with every kid out there will not be.

How to Choose Right Interior Designer and Services

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Many of the customers, with special requirements relate to the choice of an interior designer. It is very important to find a professional who will be on the same wavelength with the customer.


In the first place, of course, need to examine the portfolio of interior designer. The portfolio contains the best of the best works by the designer. If you do not like it, do not expect that your interior will look different. Whatever attractive the cost is. Attention to the fact in any styles mainly worked as a designer, which uses the color scheme. Second, ask what the designer’s experience, the size of the portfolio and the number of completed projects, speak for themselves.


Why are the Prices on the Interior Design so different?


The composition of the project, the more drawings and visualizations included in the project design, the higher its value. Visualization of the most complex and the bulk of the design project, so pay attention, 3D visualization of any part of the interior design project, as each interior angle. Also, ask how many alterations (options) will fulfill every interior designer interior.


According to architectural companies in Dubai, popular interior designer’s site is visited daily by thousands of people. Therefore, at a low cost service to the designer falls this volume of orders, which he can not cope. As you can see, the quality of work and services only indirectly affect the value of the design project.


What is needed for the First Meeting?


The first meeting is usually discussed the composition of the design project, the timing of its implementation, and financial issues. Tell what you expect from the cooperation with the interior designer. For the first meeting, the plan needs the apartment. Often organizational issues are resolved over the phone, so the first meeting could be held immediately at the facility where the designer makes measurements.


Know what you want. What you need from Designer?


A very important parts of the first meeting ­ this issue of the terms of reference of the interior designer. Specification is for the designer is the source document for the design, which sets out the requirements for functional and visually rich interior.


Creating a design project ­ is the only option in the repair process. Without the design project you can do, though now require construction crews drawings on which they can work. Any experienced builder, if forced to choose, choose the object to the design project. Interior designer has the necessary expertise in the design and maintenance, as well as have the skills to work in specialized programs for the development of working documentation (drawings) for the construction crews. Interior designer has hands-on experience, so the number of errors is greatly reduced.


If you need to create another version of the interior design, this is available in the additional services of a design project. To take into account that an increase in project scope, time and cost will be increased. To avoid unnecessary time and cost, we recommend choosing design options at the stage of concept interior. In such a case, additional embodiment will not be necessary.

Cloud Services as Life Savor for Small Scale Business

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The boom of start-ups has led many experts of large corporations to small companies. However, a few years ago, small companies could not afford it so user’s familiar tools to solve a variety of business problems. Cloud services allow IT to equalize opportunities for small businesses and large companies. Today, cloud services and applications are ideal for start-up companies. Here are some reasons for deciding to take advantage of the transition to the cloud.


Time – The biggest advantage is you can get is time that you can devote to your business, without having to worry about technical issues. Cloud allows you to focus on your business, not on the wiring, network bandwidth and maintaining infrastructure. Instead, you can work to attract customers and increase their satisfaction. At the same time, we must understand that in some cases (ERP, CRM, etc.). Even cloud solutions require a certain stage of implementation and adaptation of business processes.


Lack of capital investments – The cost of investment is one of the main problems of small business, especially if your budget allows for only one thing – to hire a qualified technician, or buy powerful equipment. Cloud offers application without any initial investment, and the available funds can be used for hiring specialists or office equipment. This is an excellent opportunity to test how the application will work, assess the level of service and technical support, and improve business performance on a limited budget.


Price – You pay only for what you use, and only when the service is needed. It means freedom from advance commitments and contracts that can fix you to a provider of IT services, which is unable to meet the growing needs of your business.


Automation – The cloud is very easy to automate backup, disaster recovery, security and management. Applications deployed in the cloud are getting smarter and can restore themselves. When a fault is detected via the API (Application programmable interface) automatically run “healthy” copy of the application.


Scale – The growth of business in the traditional IT environment is associated with significant capital expenditure on IT. Often, after several years of growth in the company formed a zoo iron and technologies that create new IT environment is cheaper and easier than trying to put things in order. With cloud technology scaling occurs through a change in the configuration of services used. Moreover, often in the plan provider consumed a greater volume of services will mean lower costs for 1 user.


Independence – The ability to use or not to use the resources at its sole discretion, without relying on third-party Company, is very convenient for small companies. Most cloud platforms are intuitive to any more or less experienced user management console, which can be used to connect the necessary resources when needed. Simply select a reliable cloud provider to which you can always ask for help. This simplicity results in the fact that even in large companies urged to abandon CIO’s – what they need, if planning and implementation of IT solutions can handle any manager in the department.


Flexibility – You can increase or reduce the resources used vertical or horizontal scaling as you wish. You can also automate the allocation of resources according to parameters such as CPU utilization, the amount of I/O or network traffic to connect additional servers for distribution of peak load.


Free resources – The good news for IT start-ups planning development on cloud platforms. Many cloud providers offer a variety of benefit programs for start-ups, passing on their platform. For example, cloud hosting and coaching.


Therefore in the opinion of cloud service experts, the small companies across the globe do not have any reason not to take advantage of cloud technologies. Would you like your business operate as efficiently as possible? Cloud can help you in this matter.

Perming Hair – Care and Styling at Home

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The first two or three days after perming decide how it will look your hair the next three months. If you are in this period, refrain from washing the head, as well as more reliably hide the hair on my own, then there is a strong hope that your newly acquired long curls retain elasticity and natural look.


Rhyme is very significant indeed: natural curls are often the subject of women’s envy, what really cunning. But envy is far from the building. So tempted to blurt out something about the nature of short-sightedness, giving curls are not the one who should. What, in fact, in this slogan, and observed.


But the glory of the progress is now that any woman can get luxurious curls, even if the nature of her perfectly straight hair without a hint of curls. And this does not need every day to turn unruly strands on different-sized curlers.


Want Permed curls look natural? Try to follow few rules:


  • Never brush wet hair – curls can stretch out and hang lifeless locks;


  • abstain from the use of hot air – a good perm requires no tricks during installation;


  • when visiting the outside in sunlight hide hair under a cloth cap;


  • Take care of your hair with a perm from excessive sun exposure;


  • keep thinking about experiments with hair coloring Henna as long as the “chemistry” does not come down;


  • Not terrorize aggressive hair coloring techniques such as dyeing and other “hellish” ways to change the image.


In all the time that barbers began to use special preparations for a chemical wave technology female heads has undergone little change. But the pros nevertheless added, waving compositions became gentler, less hurt to hair and scalp, and even contain special caring complex. But in this situation perm hair requires special care.


Most importantly, take note that to care for curly hair chemically should purchase a specially designed on a case means – from shampoos and conditioners to masks, mousses and varnishes.


The bottom line is that as a part of the popular cosmetics do not have a single gram of non-natural materials, all exclusively natural. And this is precisely what and “crave” your hair relive stress.

How to Choose Color of Nail Polish

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imagesIt is believed that well-groomed and elegant woman on a mandatory basis should be well manicured. However, if we talk about fashion and style of dress, the color of nail polish you use is a crucial part of your dressing.

Recently a study shows that color of nail polish is a very important element in the overall personality of a woman. If you watch movies or TV shows related to fashion and trendy people (such as “Gossip Girl”), you may notice that all the actress of these films definitely have a very unusual and stunning colored nail polish.
Before providing you the tips on color of nail polishes, it’s important for you to know the best source to get good quality nail varnishes at cheap rate. If you are from UK then you can get discounted nail varnish UK by trulyfair, for rest of the readers amazon is a good source.

How to choose the color of nail polish to clothing
Color of nail polish must be combined with clothes. And in this case, not every nail color suited to each set of clothes.

Neutral colors Transparent and cream are the most neutral and can be used with any clothing in winter or summer. If you do not want to take risks and not quite sure of the combination of colors, it is better to go ahead with these colors.


Red nail polish Red nail is considered a super-feminine color and can be used in different ways.
First option is to use red as the contract with the clothes of neutral colors (gray, black).

Second option – a full black bow (all clothes and accessories in black) and red nail polish.


Dark and black nail polishes are super trendy nail color for last few years.
The only time you should not use black nail varnish, if the outfit is made in brown or black – it is one of the riskiest combinations.


Nail & Style

Matt paints make the image more restrained, so they are well suited for classic and office style.
Use Glitter rarely, perhaps only for some evening activities to play with style.


Which varnish will suit you?


Most of the times, choosing nail varnish color depends on shape of your fingers and nails. If the nails have an average width and length, it is possible to select any color polish.
If your nails are too wide and short, then they can be visually stretched by darker nail polish applied not over the entire width of the nail, and the central part.

If your nails are too thin, then visually make them more widely to help bright shades of varnish applied to the entire surface of the nail.

10 interesting facts about the business

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Many people believe that doing business is not given to everyone. They complain about the lack of start-up capital, seeking win-win idea, waiting for the opportune moment. The following facts can change their opinion and attitude to business.


Security Measures that must be kept in mind

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The site is aimed at users of different skill levels. It should be understood that the described technology we require proper qualifications, ability to use your head and skills to work with the tools. We must be aware that careless attitude to the computer components can lead to the loss of the manufacturer’s warranty, and even to enter the details of the system.